ThatNeedle NLP Search Engine

ThatNeedle Natural Language Processing SEARCH ENGINE SYSTEM

What is ThatNeedle?


ThatNeedle:- It is an Artificial Intelligence based Search Technology.

It does not dependent on any 3rd party NLP components (StanfordNLP, Lucene etc)

Its Semantic( Natural Language Processing) from the ground-up, not as an afterthought.

It has Capability to work with unstructured input also.

Ideal for usability on mobiles and e-Commerce sites , other product search based sites , food ordering, real estate sites and many more.

Application Areas


ThatNeedle has lot of potential in lot of areas where it can be applied essentially where system has million of products and lot of attributes and categories attached to it, which makes search for the particular product very tough as user has to go through lot of options / Dropdown and filter to select from to get to the particular product. So its ideal for sites which deal with million of different products , Real Estate sites, Comparison sites, Online Food Ordering also Medical sites where system need to suggest user something by searching huge database of question and many more.

Real Estate sites
Comparison sites

Its ideal for sites which deal wtih million of different products.


Medical sites where system need to suggest user something by searching huge database of questions and many more.

Online Food Ordering

ThatNeedle Site Search


We are great at finding only relevant results and reducing clutter. You just sit back and let us do the heavy lifting for you. We help you improve the user experience on the site and making his transition from searching product to selecting and moving to finally buy it. You can quickly get right product you are looking for without wasting any time in searching for it.

It helps removing the Filter, Dropdowns, Categories based options for user to click and choose before he can see the actual product or sometime with no results at the end. Which is very frustrating for the user.

NLP change this totally, it allows user to just write simple query string in natural english and process the natural string and returned the structured JSON, which your system can send it to query the database and get the results. NLP engine is trained for your domain or Niche and returned result accordingly. it Handles synonyms, abbreviations so to give you accurate structured data to query database better and efficiently.

Let see example below how ThatNeedle when applied to Real estate site improve user experience to get accurate results.

Sample Queries for Real Estate Domain


It shows how ThatNeedle can help getting results so easily without making user go through cumbersome process of selecting filters , categories and lots of dropdown.

This is how a typical search for real estate site look like.

So with NLP we can remove these dropdown and just provide user a String to write.

User can simply write in natural language string like below :

  • - 3 BHK Flat in dublin city centre under 50k with pool
  • - 3 BHK flat in Dublin8 < 75000 near James gate
  • - 4 Bedroom in dublin 10 > 50000 < 70000 with garage
  • - 4 Bedroom in dublin 10 > 50000 < 70000 with garage or parking space

NLP will process and get the accurate result and improve user experience greatly.

The system shines and show real potential where its searching for particular product matching user criteria having lot of filters from a database of million records.

ThatNeedle AutoSuggest


Intelligent AutoSuggest.

A search bar that gives you instant suggestions that always lead to valid result pages.

Our Auto suggest is data driven and suggest user only valid options so that user always get on page with relevant information or product.

Voice Integration


Intelligent speech comprehension which is optimised for mobile devices.

Our voice driven interface can help a customer intelligently 'converse' with any mobile App to offer an experience that is unique!. Speak and get results at a single click!

No typing required.

No filling of clunky forms , check boxes and drop downs.

Handles reasonable variations in accents, pronunciations.

Handles synonyms, abbreviations.

Upto 12x faster discovery per user query.

Improves with time.

Ideal for m-Commerce searching products, online food ordering and may other applications.

How To Integrate with your Site


We can provide End to End integration with your system or provide you a api layer which your system can interact with.

End to End integration: We integrate the NLP search engine with your website to show final results.

API's: We provide thin layer of api which you need to use to get structured JSON results to query your database to get final result.

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