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How to use VUE JS with Laravel 5 Framework

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Guide for Setting Up Development of VUE JS with Laravel Framework

Framing any new project is always challenging, when everyone talking about new technology. In this article we learn about how to use VUE JS with Laravel framework. Larval was first came into existence in 2011 and has taken the web by storm and considered as one of the best PHP framework. Since then it has 14 upgradable version 5.X (5.1, 5.2, 5.3 & 5.4). Current Latest version of Laravel 5 series is 5.5.

It’s main purpose to strengthen the security , speed up the database work and creating applications much easier.As we have been using Laravel framework from past 6 years, the Questions arises how to start using Laravel with VUE JS like how to set up VUE & how to use with Laravel Framework. Let’s find out !

Before figuring it out just Discover Some Benefits of Laravel Framework

1. Caching:

Laravel supports varieties of tools , with that it provides faster caching. As certain pre-built supports already installed in Laravel apps like Redis, which in turn it will increase the memory caching.

2. Laravel Scout:

It’s an effective Laravel tool that avow full text search on modules.

3. Composer:

It is used by Laravel for updation and installation. It helps developers to develop an app of any size and also helps to manage 3rd party packages.

4. Templates:

Laravel pre installed templating engine which generally called Blade. The purpose of blades is to plain PHP and increase optimal  performance.

5. Libraries:

In Laravel ,variety of libraries are pre -installed. Authentication Library is the most popular library of Laravel.

6. Direct Testing Option:

A testing tool for programmers to ensure everything is gonna right ! It makes bit easier for developers to judge. This will save time,money and also new updates on the application. Direct Testing is one of the feature and best testing tool in Laravel.

Laravel and VUE Development Process

If you looking to develop an application in Laravel with VUE.  Most likely if you are using Laravel framework, then for compilation Elixir is required, if not any other HTML or CSS framework is using then webpack must be required.

It is complicated to add VUE JS related components into an application because every time you see a slight change in template, CSS or any other logic for that you need to create a gulp or refreshing is required and if the gulp is running you still need a refresh. What exactly happens when it refreshes ? After refreshing the you loose all the state of an application. Consider with Modal Pop Up, if you make a change in VUE components, then everytime you need to refresh and popup up and see the running insights. The only solution for this is use Hot Reloading plugin.

This Plugin helps to keep the state as it is and made changes to components without any page refreshing.

IS VUE JS Better than Other Javascript Frameworks ?

VUE.js is a used for building web interfaces. If it merges with some other tools also become “ Framework of Javascript”. From past years it is emerging as one of the best Javascript Framework and also replacing Angular and React in many cases.

VUE.js first released in 2014 and it has 39,933 star rating on Github.

What makes VUE JS so special ?

The advantage of this framework is that their is absence of pedigree in it. It is lightweight framework and easy to learn technology.

Features of VUE JS

  • Fairly Basic Docs
  • Two Way Data Binding Option

Now the question arises which framework is better either we go for VUE or React ? Let’s find some key points of both frameworks !

  • Looking to build apps with Templates

In VUE braces are used for data binding while directives used for adding functionality to the template where as React avoids template and uses DOM in JS.

If you come from development paradigm , then templates are very much easier to understand for newbies.

  • Simplicity comes with VUE or React ?

VUE known for its simplicity and runs from a browser and can be inserted into any line of code as like jQuery while React relies on JSX & on classes also.

  • Which is faster VUE or React ?

Both frameworks build a DOM and have their own state to deal with this process. The rendering system of VUE is faster than that of React. Now comes to page size again in this VUE is leading by minifying the current size of VUE library is only 25.6KB while in case of React the DOM size is approx 37.4KB and that of its library size 11.4KB which equals to 48.8KB

Thus, VUE is faster than React, and you get larger API with using React.

  • For Large Scale Implementation of Apps what to choose React or VUE ?

As above we discussed about Templates as it is easier to understand at first end and faster to execute with. The only disadvantage that if you want to develop large scale app then it leads to slow development. As they are likely suffers from various errors etc.

As VUE rendering function is faster as i explained in above point but the React system is more configureable and has features like shallow rendering which makes it more testable when combine with React utilities.

React is a great choice when it comes to building large scale applications , its also good in term of testability.

  • Which is more Adaptable React or VUE ?

React is mainly used for building native applications and instead of using web components it uses native components. Since VUE don’t have shallow or other functions and uses HTML templates as its core designing part as it’s difficult to use VUE as native element on the other hand React has all these features that suitable fits in all circumstances.

React is one the popular Javascript Framework library with approx 2.4M downloads per month where as VUE got 225k hits per month.

Both are open-source as React is maintained by the Facebook developers and born from Facebook while VUE is created by a single developer whose name is Evan You.

Quick Recap:-

VUE Advantages:-

1.Good Option for templates


3.Faster Render

4.Small Page Size

React Advantages:-

1.Good Fit for Large Scale Applications

2.Testable & Not Error Prones

3.More Adaptable

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