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There is a lot of hype about React JS in the developer community these days. Yet most of the developers in the community seem to be less eager to ask the most important question, that is, what is React JS? 

There can be ton of reasons to why React JS is experiencing such a response within the developer community, however it is slowly catching the attention of the developers. 
Hi! and welcome to my blog on React JS. In today’s blog we will answer the two fundamental question that always arise in our minds – What? and Why?, when we come across something new and exciting as React JS. 

Let us begin with answering the most important question..

What is React JS?

Well, React JS is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. It is developed by developers at Facebook and Instagram. 
React is often compared with other JavaScript frameworks, but in reality this doesn’t make sense as they are not directly comparable. This is because React is a simple template language that binds the JavaScript function with HTML essentially to render it. Unlike other frameworks such as Angular JS and Backbone JS, React is ONLY THE VIEW LAYER of a web application. Hence, it is becoming a popular choice among developers in community to use for ‘V’ in Model View Controller [MVC] design pattern. 
When HTML and JavaScript functions are bundled up together they are called “components”. These components are stored with their internal state in memory usually referred to as “virtual DOM”. Hence, enabling React to overcome the problem of creating webpages that dynamically change with data over time. It is this key feature of React that attracts the developers for building large applications. 
Yet this single feature doesn’t comprehend to why we should use React for our applications.

Why to use React JS?

So, Why we should use React for our applications is not just because of its ability to create webpages that dynamically change with data over time, but because of following reasons as well:

  1. Easy to learn.

  2. It strongly enforces UI and workflow patterns.

  3. The code is readable and maintainable.

  4. Componentized UI makes it easier to reuse, test and separate concerns.


In this blog we answered two fundamental questions that where in our minds about React JS, that is, What is React JS? and Why to use React JS? 
We now fully understand that React JS is a template language and is quite different from other JavaScript Frameworks.It makes use of “components” that are basically a bundle of HTMl and JavaScript functions. These components are stored in memory at run-time which is usually refered to as “virtual DOM” and is the key for creating dynamic webpages that change with data over time. 
In my next blog we shall cover What is JavaScript syntax extenstion [JSX]? and Why JSX is used in React? 
Thanks for reading my blog, please do leave a comment, if you really liked it.

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